Monday, 17 October 2011

Telstra and the Big Broadband Fraud

For those of you who live in Australia and have had to rely on Telstra Corporation Ltd to provide broadband services to you, you will understand the rationale for this post.  There is currently and for sometime now a fraud being perpetuated on the Australian people by Telstra Corp.

The premise is this, if you wish to connect to ADSL2, 2+ or even 1 on various Telstra Exchanges they initially suggest "Yes we can do that" then after some supposed "investigation" (which can last up to three weeks) they come back with a comment that states,

"Unfortunately to fulfil your request for the Telstra Broadband service would require a significant upgrade to network infrastructure, which is not feasible at this time. For this reason we have had to decline your application."

Now here is where the fraud occurs, you ring them back up and they try and sell you their wireless Internet service.  Upon making further inquiries this author ascertained that the above statement is in fact a lie.  They state initially that they have no "ports" (which was proven to be a lie) then they state you are too far from the exchange, then they state other people are due those ports which are available.  At the same time trying to sell you wireless Internet connections.

The author of this post will be commencing legal action against Telstra Corporation Ltd for breach of contract.  What I would like to know is how many other people this has affected.  I would be much obliged if people who have had problems with Telstra specifically their various broadband services to contact me with their stories and if they have a cause of action and are willing to join suit, lets all sue Telstra together and start a class action.

We need to show Big Business that the small people will not tolerate being lied to or being treated with contempt.  So if you have a Telstra Corp horror story please contact this author by leaving a comment which will be moderated and contact details so that I may contact you.

I will be updating this post with developments.

As a side issue for those people who have tried to get contact details for Telstra Corporation Ltd's Legal Department I will provide those details below for you.  Trying to get a straight answer from Telstra Corp Staff when asking for details on where to serve Court Documentation and or their Legal Department details you'd think it was a State Secret. So if you want to sue Telstra or contact their legal department in your own right their details are as follows;-

All Court Documentation where Telstra Corporation Ltd is the Defendant can be served via post to this address:-

Level 41 - Telstra Centre, 242 Exhibition Street, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3000

For those wishing to contact their Legal Department you can use these numbers:-

Head Office Telephone
1300 368 387
Head Office Fax

(03) 9632 3215