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Australia wins UN Security Council Seat, Letter to Turkic Govts about Bob Carr

The below is a letter to the leadership of the Turkic Govts around the world including Azerbaijan floating around the twittersphere.  It is most interesting.


Dear Honourable Gentlemen (not including the dishonest, narcissistic, arrogant, rude, obnoxious Bob Carr),

In our culture words like Honour, Integrity, Pride and Humility are not mere words but a way of life. 
We as in "Turks" have long been compassionate. I remind you of the words Ataturk spoke in relation to the fallen men at Gallipoli as just one example in our history, another is what many former Australian WWI POW's and soldiers have stated about the "Turks".  In fact, the story goes that some of those Australian Diggers were so moved by the actions of their chosen enemy "The Turks" that upon their return they chose to take up the surname "Turk."  This can all be researched online or the old fashioned way.

However, before getting bogged down in history lessons, I would like to bring to your attention the actions of a dishonourable dishonest politician who you will be having interaction with.  The Right Dishonourable Bob J Carr.  (I would love for him to sue me for defamation if he so desired for what I am about to say.)

This man who now represents Australia on the international stage as Foreign Minister and soon as a Temporary  Member of the UN Security Council assisted in the creation of an Armenian Genocide Memorial on the grounds of the NSW Parliament, contrary to the wishes of the thousands of Turks that live in NSW.

In the same State where our Consul General Şarık Ariyak and his Diplomatic colleague Mr Engin Sever were murdered by Armenian terrorists on the 17th of December 1980.  Those murders still remain unresolved to this date. Mr Ariyak leaving behind a wife and an 8 year old daughter at the time. Mr Sever, was the only son of parents who have since passed away, never seeing justice done.
Further, in the same country that on the 23rd of November 1986 the Turkish Consulate at 44 Caroline St, South Yarra, was devastated by a car bomb.

This is what the Justices of the Victorian Court of Appeal had to say about the remaining Armenian offender Levon Demirian:-

In a joint judgment, McGarvie and O'Bryan JJ said:
R v Demirian [1989] VR 97 at 123-124

"The type of activity engaged in by the applicant and others is rare in this country but terrorist acts are commonplace in the country from whence the applicant emigrated to Australia. Unless courts in this country are vigilant in imposing condign sentences for such conduct evil-minded persons might seek to emulate this conduct. The conduct of the applicant in conspiring with others to endanger life and cause serious injury to property by detonating an explosive substance beneath the Consulate brought shame to this country when the bomb exploded. The Turkish nation is a friendly power and members of the Turkish community now assimilated into Australian society were affronted by this evil deed. The heinousness of the crime is accentuated by the fact that the applicant abused the sanctuary this country offered him.
When a crime of such notoriety and heinousness is committed in the name of a political cause this Court is not required to fix a minimum term. The political nature of the offence and its seriousness render the fixing of such a term inappropriate. A sentence imposed in these circumstances should be exceptional to mark the seriousness with which the crime is viewed and therefore no minimum term should be fixed." (1988 33 A Crim R at p 474)
58 Tadgell J agreed, in relation to that aspect of the appeal (at p 481).

Now this dishonest, dishonourable man Bob J Carr who has in the past repeated the lies and propaganda of the Armenian Genocide industry thinks he can look into your eyes and convince you he is a friend and an honest man.  I say to you this man has never been held to account for his past speeches and actions,  repeating well proven lies and propaganda and it appears he continually gets promoted and receives benefits for his treacherous lies.

He has totally ignored the works of honest well qualified Academics of History, like Professor's McCarthy, Lewy, Shaw, Lowry, Lewis, and lastly but not finally Stone.  All these Academics and far far more state that there was no intentional genocide perpetrated upon the Armenian population of the former Ottoman Empire. Further, still Mr Carr ignores what the current day Republic of Armenia has done to traditional Azeri lands and in particular the proven genocide of Turks in The Khojaly Massacre between the 25th and 26th of February 1992.

Now bear in mind Honourable Gentlemen this liar, this dishonest, dishonourable human being Bob J Carr assisted in the creation of the fallacious Armenian Genocide Memorial from 1997 until it's completion in 1999. If he were to suggest he was unaware of all the evidence against the fallacious Genocide claims he should be ashamed of himself, as a supposed Politician with tertiary qualifications.  However, he cannot say that because he was presented with HUGE amounts of evidence against the fallacious genocide claims.

It is well past time as Turk's we hold this man to account and for him to establish as the truth about his former comments and actions.  There are many on the internet and on the NSW Govt Hansard web site.  He has repeated proven lies, such as the infamous Hitler Quote.  Which was in fact proven to be a lie by a very honourable Armenian person.  I look forward to all of you letting him and Australia know that you will not conduct any business or cooperate with a proven Liar who only thinks of his own political agenda and power.

I attach for your information just a very small amount of his past deeds.  

ANCA Approves Bob Carr

Transcript of NSW Parliament records

Further Transcript of NSW Parliament records.

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