Friday, 23 March 2007

Larger, Pinker Elephants (Obvious Truths)

I'm starting to feel like I'm the only one who is keeping track and willing to bring up these atrocities -- comparing what self-righteous Western world powers will do in the world today with what Turkish militants did to protect people and set up boundaries as nationalism kicked into full gear at the turn of last century.

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I almost pulled my hair out at this Israeli strike last July, but this is the limit -- they basically say that they kept the conflict going because they wanted to obliderate every possible trace of the enemy. And they seem so nonchallant about the fact that this huge-scale conflict errupted over two (yes, 1+1) hostages! Hostages, not deaths, hostages. Since when did the value of one 'race's' life become more valuable than another's. Since humans evolved into fancy-dressing barbarians I guess.

Back to topic. So, if Turkey is so wrong, to defend itself at the turn of last century from Armenians, who were helped by Russians who wanted seaside property, why isn't this Israeli blunder a full-scale genocide as well? Who's got the red flag here? Who has it?! Nobody. Nobody draws the parallel because nobody in Turkey wants to talk about his stuff because they think silence, stoicism is golden in these types of things.

I love Turkey. I love the people. And that's why I have to say now, somebody better start talking back to people on the Armenian bandwagon.

First, apologize for the loss and say that it was something that would be tragic for any people given what we know today; however,

In those times, during war, when Turkey was fragile in her borders, and Armenians decided to mess with Turkey's shakey military nerves and plunder villages in the East, somebody had to pay and it wasn't going to be in a system of courts -- just as it wasn't just last summer. It was going to be through removal. Removing all of the Armenians who were on the offensive because they chose to side with the Russians. It came down to military might then and also what nation these people resided in. Had the Armenians lived in Russia, maybe they would have just gone there and not had to be removed, they could have fought against Turks, pulled back into Russia and lessened the lose of life. But they made dumb choices, paid a hefty cost of human life, just like EVERYBODY else did in Turkey then, and suffered.

Now they want revenge. They are drumming up attention, running artsy campaigns and playing violins. Guess what: I've got my earplugs in when you start playing Armenia. Your suffering is no greater than anyone's at that time and you have everybody in this modern day fooled, despite the tremendous suffering in poor nations -- human traffiking, genocide in Darfur, Iraq attrocities, Israeli offensives on innocent children. Quit crying already! Just suck it up. You have a country. You are really aweful to drag the only hope in the middle east down with your sorry arguments. My relatives died in WWII and do you hear me crying? NO! I have a good life and if you can read this, so do you!

Anyway, I'm sick of Turkey getting bashed for human rights even from almost 100 years ago when nobody bats an eyelash at the biased news reports about what the west still does today. It's gross.