Thursday, 7 April 2011

Another Expert on Islam Bernie Finn MP Victoria Politics

Well ladies and gents it looks like another expert on Islam and Muslims has been recruited into the Australian Political landscape.

Mr Bernie Finn MP of the the Victorian Liberal party and member for the Western Metropolitan Region, has stated, ""how concerns about a religion that seems to sanction decapitation can be construed as racism".  Well this intellectual giant is a little smarter then our previous guest star Mr Cory Bernardi.  At least Mr Finn realises that Islam is a religion and not a race.

Having said that, that is the point where his intelligence ends.  According to Mr Finn's logic the sanctioning of decapitation is to be concerned about and Muslims condone it.  Well Mr Finn may well be surprise to hear that the largest Islamic Nation on the planet a spit away from Australia does not condone decapitation nor do many millions of other Muslims and predominately Muslim nations.

Mr Finn was perhaps confused with that beacon of morality in Europe named France.  Where decapitation was in fact a state sanctioned method of capital punishment up until 1981 and the last decapitation by way of guillotine took place in 1977.  Mr Finn France is a secular nation inhabited predominately by Christians not Muslims I'm sorry to inform you.  They are a peace loving nation that up until the late 1980's early 90's they were exploding Nuclear weapons in the south pacific for test purposes.  Clearly, they were concerned about their own population having to suffer from these Nuclear tests that they did it in somebody else's backyard for decades.

These same peace loving people of predominately Christian faith carried out a genocide in Algeria which is beyond dispute.  Again this beacon of morality in Europe named France sent it's secret service agents into an ally's territory ala New Zealand to attack a very dangerous subversive element "The Rainbow Warrior" codenamed OpĂ©ration Satanique.  There they blew up the ship and murdered an unarmed photographer Fernando Pereira whilst he was attempting to arm himself with his CAMERA.

Now Mr Finn I ask you this, who here in Australia are we to be more afraid of, marginalised disenfranchised youth named Abdul, Ahmed and Osman with no financial resources, no technical knowledge and no materials with which to undertake an act of terrorism.  Or France with it's nuclear capabilities, the wealth of their State behind their highly trained elements and materials readily available, and who do not hesitate to consider whether an ally's reputation and or civilian population may be hurt in carrying out an act of Terror ?

So Mr Finn you idiot I feel sorry for all of your constituents that you represent.  As the old Australian idiom goes, "You couldn't grow a Choko Vine on an outdoor shit house" let alone represent your constituents or the Liberal Party.

You are far better off continuing to look for the "Gate Keeper" you being the "Key Master"


MP Bernie Finn lands the Liberal Party in race row

Bernie Finn
MP Bernie Finn has landed the Liberal Party back into the race row.  The Key Master

VICTORIAN MP Bernie Finn has landed the Liberal Party into a race row after comments about the Muslim community.
But Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has refused to condemn the Liberal MPs who denounced the Islamic religion in comments on Facebook.

The Facebook comments followed a Herald Sun story earlier this week reporting that many Muslims live in ghettoes because of racist fears.

Mr Finn wrote on the social media site that he failed to understand "how concerns about a religion that seems to sanction decapitation can be construed as racism".

In a rowdy question time, Labor attacked Mr Finn's comments as racist "dog whistle" politics.

But Mr Finn defended the comments as having nothing to do with racism.

"No religion is specific to a skin tone or colour. Some people need to get a hobby as they have too much time on their hands if they were concerned with those comments," he said.

Mr Baillieu yesterday told Parliament multiculturalism is vital for Victoria but refused to respond to his Upper House colleague's comments as he had not seen or heard them.

And the Speaker Ken Smith refused to allow Labor to table a copy of the Facebook comments.

"I would encourage all Victorians to demonstrate tolerance and their commitment to multiculturalism," Mr Baillieu said.

Earlier this year Federal Liberal leader Tony Abbott disassociated himself from outspoken South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi's attack on Islam on as a "totalitarian, political and religious" ideology.