Thursday, 12 April 2007

That's Why They Call it a Propaganda 'Machine'

I would like to draw your attention to a free, local television station in New York City where Armenian propaganda is aired during prime network air time Click here

Last night, at about 9 o'clock pm EST, Gokce and I watched as an Armenian anchor woman and supporting footage informing us of a gathering in Times Square that was dedicated to the suffering of the Armenians and the "atrocities by Turks." Neither my husband nor I speak the language of the announcer, yet I was able to discern the message of the announcer. The video footage was provocative and some speakers spoke English. The mood of the people and scenes came together to create a show that appeared to be out of the middle of last century (it seemed so hollow and emotive, without reason and, honestly, doltish).

We continued to watch: children standing on a stage at what appeared to be a gymnasium, singing and holding signs 'The Turks Committed Genocide' and 'The Turks Committed Atrocities' and other huge signs. Children singing about something they know nothing about, preparing to carry on the tradition of ignorance and hate. Announcers supporting baseless accusations. Elderly people sitting in Times Square, self-righteous and -- voluntarily or involuntarily -- clueless about their ancestors' raids on Turkey. Armenians at a church. A zoom in on Mt. Ararat.

Gokce commented: "That mountain is special to them. They want that mountain and they want us to admit to crimes so they can start bartering for land."

Something about that statement drove my thoughts. It seems that Armenians, because of their religious affiliation and their position of loss against the Turks during WWI makes them excellent buddies to Europeans and ignorant Americans (all of them have so much in common). Yet, does anyone realize the bridge that is burning with every baseless, half-baked accusation against Turks? When will people check their land-grabbing instincts and their allegiance to superficial religious 'us and them' mentalities long enough to see the greater effect of spinning lies?

Turks represent stability and deliberate politics in a region full of people who lost their identity due to, and are jaded about, the people grabbing their land in WWI. Who will stop this viscious cycle if awareness is not raised?

I contacted the television station and I recommend anyone do the same. Somehow, Turks must have a gathering at Times Square or march in a parade in New York. Somehow there must be attention drawn to the second side of the argument. It's out of control and almost laughable (if you don't laugh, you cry) how blatant this propaganda has become.